Motorcycle & Quadbike Solutions

In recent years, people have turned to nature after being deprived of freedom of movement in cities. This is reflected in the sales of motorised recreational vehicles globally. However, off-road offers a much more demanding terrain than perfectly

paved concrete surfaces or tarmac. That said, Worldtrack Africa has an all-arounder waterproof GPS tracker for a wide range of recreational vehicles.


With varied terrain, bad roads or no roads at all, a variety of vehicles are needed for recreational activities: SUVs, motocross and quad bikes, jet skis and even snowmobiles. The exact choice depends on the region's climate, time of year, income level, local culture, traditions, etc.

Most recreational fleet owners offer a variety of vehicles depending on the season. Typically, these activities take place at weekends for most people.

They may be cancelled or postponed due to weather conditions or other reasons. Recreational vehicles are parked most of the time and used only once or twice a month. Most have small batteries and the extra equipment can drain them quickly. Motorcycles and ATV’s are one of the most owned recreational vehicles whether it is used for weekend, farming or occasional activities having no control over such vehicle can become costly.


For the adventure sector, Worldtrack Africa offers a waterproof GPS tracker. Due to its compact size (L79 x W43 x H22 mm) and dented edges for better grip, the device can be fitted in most vehicles. A robust and waterproof IP67-rated casing can be used on jet skis and two-wheelers too. It has been designed with a ‘Clip-On’ system, instead of screws.

This useful feature makes the device quicker to install and longer-lasting, as there are no metal parts that can be affected by rust or corrosion. Finally, thanks to the extensive and practical set of features, the solution is a preferred choice not only for motorcycle and quad bike fleets but also for all sorts of modern all-terrain light utility vehicles, water transport such as luxury boats and jetskis, trailers, etc.


Ultimate Safety Assurance

Our IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof casing ensures that GPS tracking remains reliable even in the harshest weather

conditions. Never compromise on safety.

Extended Battery Life

Enjoy up to 30 days of uninterrupted use with our unique sleep mode. Ideal for RVs parked for long periods.

Multi-Functional Digital Outputs

From panic buttons to LED notifications and

buzzers, our 2x DOUT offers a variety of use cases, enhancing both safety and user experience.

Track & Trace

Live location updates via desktop and IOS/Android app