Portable Asset Rental Tracker Solution

Companies involved in the growing equipment rental business are faced with the increased risk of equipment theft. It is a significant concern in the rental industry and can lead to project delays, missed deadlines, reputational damage, and lost revenue due to cancelled contracts and/or downtime.

Fortunately, Worldtrack Africa tamper-proof, wireless solution that provides maximum security for this type of equipment.


Rental equipment is at increased risk of theft. There are many reasons why it is easier for thieves to target rental equipment, including increased time in transit, rental under false identities and less effort by the renter to secure the equipment.

These challenges are faced by companies that rent equipment to a variety of growing industries. The largest share of the rental market is in the construction industry, where equipment such as generators, concrete pumps, dumpsters, skips, portable toilets and other construction necessities are targeted by thieves. Equipment rental is also popular in other industries, such as the medical sector, where medical

beds, patient lifts, oxygen concentrators, medical ventilators and similar items can be targeted, as well as the events industry, where amplifiers, lighting, speakers, or audio desks are the usual prey of criminals.


To solve the challenge of rental equipment theft in construction, healthcare, events and other industries, we use the new TAT240 asset tracker with tamper detection for maximum security of rental equipment. This GPS tracking device can be easily attached to metal surfaces using the included magnetic mounting accessory, making it very convenient to install on construction equipment, such as generators or air compressors, as well as medical devices and event rental items.

How it works - based on the user’s preferences, TAT240 regularly sends the movement-based periodic events at set intervals or according to a weekly schedule. In the event of an attempted theft, the Recovery mode scenario would be triggered, enabling frequent reporting and the owner could easily locate the equipment.

If a thief finds the tracking device and tries to remove it, the TAT240 tamper-detection feature sends an immediate alarm notification. It uses advanced magnetic technology, one of the most reliable on the market today. By detecting tampering, the equipment owner can take immediate action to prevent theft. The location data of the exact point of tampering also helps further.


Prevention of Theft and Recovery of Assets

The tamper-proof GPS tracker TAT240 can help prevent theft and unauthorised use of rental equipment. If the tracker is removed or tampered with, a person in charge will be alerted immediately.

Top-notch Magnetic Tamper Detection

Advanced technology to ensure reliable functioning of tampering alerts.

Increased Productivity

By knowing where your rental equipment is, company owners can ensure that it is available when and where it is needed. This can help you improve productivity and reduce delays.

Peace of Mind

Being aware of the location of rental equipment can give companies peace of

mind. This is particularly important if the business deals with expensive or sensitive equipment.