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Worldtrack Africa promotes advanced security, ensures precise location detection and total visibility into the performance of your assets through real-time monitoring, powerful analytics, alert and notification system allowing for early response to any


Scope of Application

Fleet performance analysis

Mobile workforce management

Driver behavior monitoring

Fuel consumption control

Temperature monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Portable asset monitoring

Hazardous/FMCG goods

Transportation control

System Capabilities

GPS/LBS location detection

Alert and notification system

In/out geofence control

Fuel consumption/fillings/thefts reports

CAN bus data reading

Route optimization/management

Flexible report-building tools

Data capture from sensors, counters

Driver ID reader, etc.

Trusted Partner in Mining, Construction and Transport

Worldtrack Africa is a trusted partner in mining, construction, and transport, known for their unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence. They excel in delivering tailor-made solutions that exceed client expectations, cementing their reputation in these critical industries. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and quality, Worldtrack Africa is the go-to ally for dependable and lasting results.

Monitoring and Dashboard

Fleet performance evaluation is based on mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, and other indicators. Worldtrack Africa offers the Dashboard - a universal tool for quick, easy data at hand for day-to-day fleet control and analysis.

Browse through vivid blocks displaying the data on:

Connection state

Motion state

Top units by fuel consumption

Top units by mileage




Fuel consumed by FLS


Configure and fine-tune the blocks to display only the data you need right now, choosing the units, types of blocks, and time periods you’d like to analyse the info for. No matter how diverse and complicated the data is, Dashboard makes it simple and perceptible both for novice users and top managers.

Geofences and Notifications

Control every aspect of unit performance inside and outside the specified area

Create any number of geofences of various shapes, colours, and sizes to restrict unit movements, prevent vehicle thefts, and control its activities within a specified area.

Benefit from dynamically updated images, screenshots, and other information bound to geofences

Be notified on any events taking place within geofences

Control unit performance inside or outside geofences, including speed limit violations, sensor value variations, access to units, etc.

Use geofences as addresses in reports and tooltips whenever precise address information is missing or control route performance by using geofences as checkpoints


Receive e-mail, SMS or pop-up notifications if a certain event occurs (e.g. violations, alarm button activation, sensor value variations, connection loss, idling, etc.). Notifications contain brief information on the event or can be used to trigger certain processes in the system, for instance, sending messages to a driver, executing a command, sending reports by e-mail.

Tracks and Minimaps


Create tracks to display unit movements on the map and get quick access to unit activity data via event markers. Track Player app makes it easier to simultaneously follow several units on the map, analyze tracks and timeline events in a handy interface.


Use minimaps to instantly access extended unit information, current location, speed, and address or follow units with Google

Street View.


Fuel Consumption Control

Fillings and thefts detection

With Worldtrack Africa you can detect any type of fuel misuseand control the whole cycle of fuel distribution from filling

stations and dispensers to vehicles and machinery.

FLS Data

Analyse fuel consumption depending on a fuel level in the tank indifferent time points. Calculation can be performed with impulse, absolute, and instant fuel consumption sensors each providing its own benefits.

Fuel Consumption by Math Option

Create engine operation and efficiency sensors for maximum precise calculation depending on season, idling, urban and suburban cycles or high load.

Proprietary Fuel Management System

Allows to detect fuel thefts in the most complicated cases, including underfillings, card frauds, insufficient driving, siphoning, and much more.

Advanced Reports

Powerful Analytics in Worldtrack Africa

Worldtrack Africa "Reports" module is used to present informationon unit activity in handy tables and charts. The system allows tocreate flexible report templates, view reports in a browser, exportthem to files in various formats, and send by e-mail.

Report Queries

Study reports online, get scheduled

and event-based reports or execute

them in one click from the monitoring


Mapping Options

Take advantage of a scalable map

featuring event markers, geofences,

units, and tracks with the option to

attach it to a report.

Handy Data Management

Use multi-level grouping, sorting,

detalization mode, interval filtration

and time limitations for data display.

Precise Information

Take advantage of a scalable map

featuring event markers, geofences,

units, and tracks with the option to

attach it to a report.

Precise Information

Enjoy precise addresses, statistics, and information on 300+ monitoring


Informative Charts

Study charts with auto-scaling, zoom,

single/multiple axes view, message points tracing; add backgrounds, event markers, and different line colours.

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